Brendon Urie - Panic! at the Disco - Custom Pinky Rings


Panic! at the Disco music video, "Hallelujah", recently debuted and I was excited to see my work on the very talented Brendon Urie.

I was asked several weeks ago to create Brendon a set of custom gold CROSS CUFFLINKS. The cufflinks would complement his showstopping custom designed suit, by Anthony Franco, that would be be worn for upcoming performances.

Brendon was pleased with the outcome of his gold cross cufflinks which led to another request. A request to create him a gold pinky ring for his upcoming music video shoot for the bands single, "Hallelujah".

I was nervous when the request came in for the custom cufflinks, but a ring was a whole different story. To create any kind of custom ring without any input is tough. You are never sure what the customer and in this case, Brendon Urie, would think of your creation.  

So I decided to make Urie a gold cross signet pinky ring that would match the cross signet cufflinks. The pinky ring had clean lines, circular crest with cross signet, and smooth tappered lines in 14k gold.

Still inspired, I decided to go one step further and create another ring. I envisioned another pinky ring, but bolder and more inline with previous designs I have created. I designed a second pinky ring that had a squared off face with a recessed cross. This squared pinky ring also has a smooth tappered backside for a comfortable fit.

Both handcrafted gold cross pinky rings are eye popping and parallel Brendon's distinct fashion taste.

I was honored to be a small part of Panic! at the Disco's, Hallelujah, music video. This is exactly why I started my own jewelry business so that I could make my own and other people's visions come to life.

With creativeity comes pressure to make something that people will buy, love and cherish. I was thrilled to see Brendon rocking my jewelry weeks after the video shoot.

The gold signet and squared cross pinky rings are ready to be worn with a laid back causal outfit or ready to be rocked on the red carpet wearing a designer suit.

- Rob

No 3-D process here. Like any other design we create, I use the ancient lost wax casting method to intricately carve out my creations. (Photo - GOLD SIGNET PINKY RING wax mold in the making). After the mold is created, it is then cast in either gold / silver / bronze and followed up with the final the finishing/polishing phase.