Custom English Bulldog Rings and Pendant

It always hurts to hear the loss of a loved one and the same goes for a pet. Pets are family and they bring us happiness and joy.

Dogs especially have a close bond with their owner. And an English Bulldog, named Tank, was no exception. Tank was a shelter dog and was rescued by his loving owner. I was asked to create special pieces of jewelry in memory of Tank. Tank had a distinct look having only one eye and one ear.

I decided to craft a pendant that could be worn close to his owner's heart. I didn't want to stop just there, I knew how much Tank meant.


I slowly carved Tank's distinct facial features into a one of a kind cigar width ring.  In addition, I added a second ring with Tank's name in bold letters.

These handcrafted rings and pendant were made from sterling silver, with brushed finish and patina accent in honor of Tank for Photographer - Greg Metcalf and Fashion Designer/Celeb Stylist - Anthony Franco.

Rest in Peace Tank (09.30.03 - 05.15.15).

- Rob