March is a slow part of the year for Bovar Jewelry with regards to art festivals. The creator in me always wants to be working on something new so in February I had been wrestling with various ideas for upcoming collections. Having recently finished up the Laguna Beach Winter Fantasy at Sawdust Festival, I became inspired by another artist who I befriended, Fernando Micheli who is a very talented painter. Becoming social media friends now, I followed his January, 31 day project, where he created a new painting every day. 

That inspired me to challenge myself creatively to take on a similar project but in my own medium. I knew a 31 day project could become tiring both mentally and physically and I didn't want the challenge to have me creating just random pieces. I decided that having an overall theme to the project would give me the direction I would need to carry me through completion of the challenge as well as have a cohesive spirit among all the pieces.

Because I have a knack for making things complicated I did not want to create simple rings either, I really wanted to let my imagination go with this project.

I spent the month of February searching for inspiration for the theme of my March Challenge. A long time favorite story of mine has been  Dr. Seuss', Horton Hatches the Egg. In this children's book Horton, the elephant, is given the responsibility of watching over a bird's egg. This a responsibility he takes very seriously. Throughout the story when Horton is faced with challenges over watching the egg he never weathers and stays committed to his duty. Dr. Suess' famous quote in the book is,

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful one-hundred percent!”

And with that I found my inspiration and the theme of my project.... Elephants. 

As I began to study more about elephants in preparation for my upcoming project I learned just how close elephants are to becoming extinct. Sadly elephants are poached for their ivory tusks which is used in ornaments and jewelry. Even more sad is the US is the second largest consumer of ivory.  

Armed with this knowledge, I wanted my elephant themed rings to serve a greater purpose than simply a creative expression for myself.

My mission with this project is to bring awareness to elephant activists anti-poaching efforts . I will also be donating a portion of all proceeds to an elephant conservation organization. (Updated 4/11/17: Excited to announce that I officially partnered with the U.S. Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) on twenty-seven rings from The Elephant Dreams Collection. 15% of the proceeds and 100% from Day #1 will be donated to DSWT. DSWT is an amazing organization that has hand-raised over 150 infant elephants. They work each day to conserve the elephant population as well as other Kenya wildlife.)

I am hand carving each ring every day for the month of March which will lead to 31 one-of-a-kind rings. Every ring will come with a certificate of authenticity and is numbered. While my mission with this project is serious I want the designs of the rings to be whimsical and fanciful. 

You will see the rings I have designed are some of my most elaborate pieces to date. Most rings are not "every day rings", rather masterpieces that are conservation pieces. A feature I wanted my rings to have was the ability to stand on their own while being displayed.

My concept piece is entitled "Checkmate". In this scene an elephant is playing chess with a mouse. While one would think an elephant to be an arch nemesis to a mouse here they are playfully seen together. The ring is accented with a 14 karat gold piece of cheese.

The elephant rings will continue to have my signature detailing with patina which adds dimension to the rings.  The use of mixed metals (sterling silver / red bronze and gold) will help with the character and distinction of each piece. Every ring is truly one-of-a-kind, no ring shank or elephant is identical to another piece.

Questions?...Please contact me at 213.814.8204, info@bovarjewelry.com or contact form below.

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