Jewelry Care:

Robert Varela Designs is dedicated to providing quality materials by using sterling silver in almost all its rings. Sterling silver may tarnish over time without proper care. We recommend that you wear our rings often and with the mind set that our rings are fashionable but they are also a piece of art. Reducing exposure to air pollutants, household chemicals, perfumes, rubber, perspiration, hair products, items containing sulfur, salt water and by properly cleaning after each use can prevent tarnish. A wipe down of your jewelry with a cotton cloth after each use and keeping in a dry storage area will help keep your jewelry looking vibrant.


Mild detergent diluted in warm water with a soft bristle toothbrush may be used for cleaning. Brushing in a straight, non circular, motion is recommended. Rinse in warm water and dry thoroughly.


Patina finish is used in our pieces to provide definition and accent certain areas of the ring for a distinct look.