Layers Collection


Bovar Jewelry is proud to announce our newest collection of rings for men entitled Layers.

Rob, the founder and maker of Bovar Jewelry, was inspired to create the Layers Collection after seeing many pieces of his life come together. Each uniquely designed, hand carved, ring displays an interweaving pattern joining to create one handsome design.

Straight and curved lines are merged together to construct unique arrangements and alluring combinations. Cross-hatch patterns are a favorite design seen throughout the Layers Collection because of their historical meanings.

Captivated by the traditional art form of indigenous people from Australia who drew fine cross-hatch patterns on tree bark to commonly tell ancient stories and the events that happened along the way. The new collection of rings by Bovar Jewelry employs this ancient symbolism and pays homage to the Australian art form by using hand carved, fine lines that intersect each other to create one of a kind designs to tell a personal heroic story.

Like in life each experience shapes us and leaves a mark, each ring illustrates the lasting impression every situation has on us which leads us to our final destiny. These rings from our latest collection symbolize the power and strength every person has interwoven inside of them to stand against life's struggles.

Each tale and ring is unique just like the person wearing it. What story does your ring tell?

The collection stays true to Bovar Jewelry's signature strong statement pieces evidenced by their weight and feel. Black patina is used to accentuate and give depth to each ring that is Bovar Jewelry’s distinguished look.

The fine outer edges of the ring give a sleek appearance combined with the rugged inner markings that give character and individual style.

Made for the man who has a story to tell, who is confident, and whose life has depth and meaning. 

Rob created five unique rings that make up the Layers Collection, each with its own individual expression and significance.

Sero and Trigon are designed with geometric patterns and asymmetrical shapes which are commonly used in ancestral designs. Their meaning often depends on the context and who the person wearing it is that will determine the story that is told.

What story does Sero or Trigon ring say about you?

Lodix and Ligo have a rope and crosshatched appearance, respectively, representing the strength of bonded pieces. These designs encapsulate the meaning of the power in numbers.

All four aforementioned rings are wide width rings that have a bold face and tapered backside to give the most comfortable fit on any finger without jeopardizing style.

Texo, our featured small width ring of the collection, uses a meticulously hand carved herringbone weave. Texo is simple, unique, and timeless. A ring that can be seamlessly worn all day long.

Only recyclable .925 sterling silver is used in all Bovar Jewelry pieces to stay true and honest to the earthly meanings of the rings.

Your new expressive masterpiece from the Layers Collection is now the finishing layer to every ensemble.

Bovar Jewelry is honored to showcase these unique silver rings for men, which ring will you choose? Get yours now, shop the Layers Collection!