Men's Stackable Rings

mens stackable rings sterling silver

As an artist and jewelry designer, I desire to create wearable art that is unlike the outsourced, mass produced jewelry that is so commonly seen. I know firsthand how hard it is to find men’s jewelry that is different and unique.

Bovar Jewelry feels this void and has created a collection of men's jewelry to turn heads and start a conversation.

The process that brings a product to fruition is a rigorous step by step process.  Not all ideas make it onto paper and even fewer designs make it through the whole process: from an idea, to paper, to carving the design out of wax, to casting, to cleaning and polishing, and finally made available to you. The stages of carving the design and casting briefly describes the ancient lost wax method which brings these one-of-a-kind designs to life.

mens silver stackable rings

I sought out to expand my handcrafted jewelry line so I hit the drawing board. Ability to create something that will make a statement is what I strive for and with that I designed a set of Men's Stackable Rings.

Men's Stackable Rings give a man the flexibility to change up his look with each mood or occasion. Choose a slimmed down look with just two to three rings for a day at the office or stack them five high for a night out on the town.

mens stacking bronze rings

Each set of mens stackable bands come with seven separate designed bands. Stacking set available in either sterling silver or red bronze and use of patina accent to make the set stand out.

I wanted each ring to be unique in its own right, but look cohesive once grouped together. Stackable rings look equally stunning when worn with just a few or as a set. It all depends on your preference.

What I love most about the Men's Stackable Rings is you can literally create a new piece of jewelry with a couple swaps of a ring. By separating each band or combining them in different arrangements you can create over 5000 unique looks!

The set include a few geometric shapes, textured designs and patina accents that give each set character and distinction. The versatility to mix and match within each set of rings gives a man the control to change his look and feel in a moment’s notice. This was my vision when creating men's stackable bands: complete ADAPTABILITY.

How will your mens stacking rings stack up? 

handcrafted mens stackable rings
sterling silver mens stackable rings
red bronze mens stackable rings